A scion of a vine represents the beginning of something new. In our desire to create new experiences, we at the Mond Gaming and Entertainment Centre designed an idea about a modern hotel, the first Slovenian ethno resort. We were inspired by the rich local wine-growing tradition.

Wine story

When designing the exterior of the Mond hotel, the Omnia Arching Architecture Bureau was inspired by the wine-growing environment and they incorporated the shape of a wine-making barrel with accentuated circular lines into the design of the building, which is reflected in all the hotel spaces. As the heart of the hotel, a wine bar was placed, which opened its doors in December 2016, together with an event hall, wellness centre, 35 hotel rooms and 5 suites.

The "Wine" Fundation

When the construction of Mond Hotel started, we planted two vines at the construction site instead of a foundation stone. The godmother of the Slovenian vine (Laški rizling variety) is the Doppler Winery, while the godmother of the Austrian vine (Sauvignon variety) is the Polz Winery. Today, these two wines welcome the guests upon arrival at the Hotel, introduce the Hotel's wine theme and illustrate the cross-border connection between the Slovenian and Austrian Southern Styrian Wine Road.

The oldest vine in Mond

In the spring after the opening of the Mond Hotel, the vines were proudly joined by a descendant of the oldest vine in the world, the Žametna črnina variety from Maribor's old city centre Lent, which was gifted to the Mond Hotel by the Municipality of Maribor. The oldest vine, which holds a Guinness world record, is more than 400 years.

The hotel vineyard

The Hotel vineyard, located on the slope under the hotel rooms, was planted in May 2017. 100 scions of the Muscat Ottonel variety were planted. Every vine bears the name tag of its owner, our loyal guests. Throughout the year, we happily and responsibly take care of the scions on their behalf. The four pavilions in the vineyard are intended for pleasures such as wine tastings, picnics with a basket of local delicacies and, for the most beautiful start to the day, a breakfast between the vine scions.


At the Hotel's reception, we give our guests the first sweet welcome from Monda's confectionery, biscuits with raisins. In their rooms, guests are greeted by a typical Styrian welcome gift: a box with roasted pumpkin seeds, prepared especially for our guests in cooperation with a local pumpkin seed and oil grower, the Kocbek Oil Mill. We develop our own local flavours with a marmalade made out of Jurka grapes.


A vine leaf is featured in all the hotel rooms and can also be found in the Hotel's overall visual identity, To ensure maximum comfort while sleeping, we selected macerated 100% cotton satin for the bedding and extra-high beds with an ergonomic mattress.


The wine bar is the heart of the hotel. In front of the bar there is a summer terrace, which has a connection to the hotel vineyard. The wine list features local Slovenian and Austrian wine producers, as well as producers from other Slovenian wine regions. Guided wine tasting performed as a form of wine duel game enables the guests to discover and compare the flavours of these superb wines, accompanied by some typical Štajerska and Styrian food.

The hotel cosmetics

The hotel cosmetics, intended to pamper all your senses, have the scent of grapes.


Relaxation is offered to our guests in the Sky Wellness Centre, which is complemented by two saunas, massage pools and a beautiful sunny terrace with planted vine scions and a view of the surrounding hills. We offer beauty rituals for facial and body care, as well as relaxing massages using grapeseed oil. The Wine Princess and the Wine King massage is our choice, which, after an hour of relaxation, ends with a glass of the house wine in the wine bar.


From April to October, we organize free shuttle transports every Saturday along the Slovenian and Austrian South Styrian Wine Road (stops: Weingut Erich&Walter Polz, Weingut Tement, Weingut Gross, Heart between Vineyards in Svečina, Vino Gaube, Winery Doppler, Dveri Pax Wine-Cellar) so our guests can discover the local area and wine culture.