Timber rafting on the Drava

The famous »Flosarji« and »Floserske Frajle« will recreate the experience of this profession. Driving by timber raft down the Drava River offers a special view of the city, and it is also accomanied by the folk music played by the music group Splavarski trio.

During the journey the participants are also offered delicious traditional tidbits. There is also the tradition for one of the participants to experience a real rafting baptism . When you disembark, there are plenty of other activities and attractions, e.g. you can have a stroll along the rafting educational path starting in front of the Old Vine House and leading past defence towers and across the old Lent embankement to the Maribor Island. On the way you will discover the incredible ethnological heritage and tradition of Maribor and the Drava Valley.