Mariborsko Pohorje

Pohorje (Črni vrh, 1543.5 m), a mountain chain rising above Maribor and spreading to the west, is a green oasis of beautiful nature and countless possibilities for relaxation and recreation.

Pohorje is adorned by natural attractions, e.g. peat bogs with lakes, waterfalls, and a jungle. Numerous hiking and cycling trails, which run throughout the Pohorje forests, lead us there. There is an adventure park for adrenaline lovers, a summer tobbogan run, a mountain bike park, and numerous snow activities in winter. During the day the Maribor Pohorje turns into one of the biggest ski centres in Slovenia, which offers the longest night skiing. It is in fact a city ski piste, as it takes only 10 minutes by city bus to get from the city centre to the Pohorje foothills (the lower station of the Pohorje funicular). The foothill gets especially lively during the women's Ski World Cup races - Zlata lisica (Golden Fox), which is one of the biggest and most important sport events in Maribor.