Responsibility to the Environment

In the Mond hotel we are aware of the importance of sustainable development; therefore we pay great attention to the environment where we work and which we actively shape. We are committed to sustainable development, respect of the environment, and connecting to local communities. Through the European environmental certification Ecolabel (Eco daisy) obtained in April 2018 we have additionally committed ourselves to treat the environment responsibly.

»Be the change you want to see in the world«

Reducing consumption of drinking water
 - We use water-saving Perlators on our water taps, thus reducing water flow, which does not exceed 4.7l per minute in showers and 6l per minute in washbasins.
 - We use water-saving toilet tanks, which use less than 4.5l of water.
 - We use sensor taps on washbasins in restrooms.
 - Water hardness is balanced through softening, which enables better use of detergents.
 - We collect rainwater and use it to irrigate the surfaces around the hotel, which runs automatically. We pay attention to the time of irrigation, which is done early in the morning or in the evening, thus diminishing water consumption due to lesser vaporization. This kind of irrigation is also less harsh on the plants.

Participate yourself:
 - Close the tap while you are shaving, washing your hair or brushing your teeth. When you brush your teeth, use a glass which is to be found in the bathroom. By doing this, you save 5 to 10 liters of drinking water per minute.
 - Pay attention to an eventual water leakage in the toilet or a running tap in the shower or washbasin. If you notice a failure, please inform the hotel reception immediately.
 - Do not throw hygiene products or toiletries and other waste into the toilet, as it may cause obstruction and consequently excessive water consumption. In the bathroom there is a bin with a lid. You can use it to dispose of waste.
 - Hotel linen laundry puts a great burden on the environment due to water consumption and the use of detergents, which we strive to diminish. The towels you put into the bathtub or on the floor will be exchanged daily. The bed linen will be exchanged every fourth day of your stay or more frequently, if you desire. If you wish to contribute to diminishing environmental burden due to laundry, you can do this be using the towels more than once. If you wish to reuse the towels, leave them on the towel rack. If you do not wish to have the bed linen in your room changed every fourth day of your stay, please let the personnel at the reception know.

Reduction of energy consumption
 - We use room and water heating devices that are energy-saving.
 - We use energy-saving air conditioning devices.
 - We use a heat pump and combined gas production.
 - We use energy-saving lighting (led bulbs A++, energy-saving bulbs, movement sensors).
 - We use devices of the highest energy grade A++.
 - Building insulation is very high, three-layer windows are built in.
 - We purchase electricity from renewable resources.
 - Hotel room heating and cooling is switched off automatically when the windows are open.
 - Power supply in the hotel room is switched off automatically upon leaving the room.

Participate yourself:
 - Switch off the lights in the bathroom when you do not need them.
 - Aeration is most effective and fastest if you open the window widely and leave it open for five minutes. During this time the air in the room will be exchanged completely. Do not leave the window open for longer, as this would unnecessarily cool down the room in winter and warm up in summer. The temperature is system-regulated to 22 °C. You can set it manually two degrees higher or lower.

Separation, reduction, and recycling of waste
Raw material resources are limited, therefore through separation we wish to enable their recycling and reuse. We collect separately the following waste, which is then recycled by a contractor:
 - Packaging (plastic packaging of beverages, food and hotel cosmetics, plastic cups, bags, foils, cans, tins, cartons, etc.);
 - Glass (bottles, glasses, etc.);
 - Paper (waste press products, newspapers, wrapping paper, cardboard packaging, etc.);
 - Organic waste (food leftovers and waste oil are removed by an approved partner who provides for their processing);
 - Other waste (cigarette ends, adhesive tapes, wet and dirty paper, etc.).
 - We follow the principle of diminishing waste production.
 - We do not purchase drinks in plastic bottles, but in glass bottles that are mostly reusable.
 - We do not purchase food in single packaging.
 - The waste produced through maintenance of outdoor areas is entirely composted.
 - We use recycled paper products.
 - We use cleaning products and detergents that are friendly to the environment and reduce their consumption.
 - We diminish the amount of waste and discarded food through rational food preparation and friendly raising of guest awareness, so that the guests serve themselves several small helpings rather than one large helping and then discard the food.

Participate yourself:
 - Use separating bins that are located at the entrance to the hotel. The bins have picture labels for separate collection of containers, paper, and other waste.
 - In the hotel room: PAPER (brochures, wrapping paper, newspapers, and cardboard packaging) is to be placed on the floor and the dustbin above it.
 - In the hotel room: GLASS; empty bottles and glasses are to be placed onto the table.
 - In the hotel room: PACKAGING; empty hotel cosmetics are to be left on the bathroom counter and plastic bottles are to be left on the table.
 - In the hotel room: DANGEROUS WASTE (batteries, medicine, bulbs, injection needles, etc.) is to be handed over to the maid or the reception personnel.
 - Prevent production of waste and use products in reusable packaging or without packaging.

The personnel will dispose separately of all the waste at collection points for waste pickup.
If you are in doubt where a certain type of waste belongs to, the personnel will be happy to assist you.

Link to the local environment
 - Upon purchase, we first check whether these items could be purchased from local or Slovenian providers.
 - When purchasing materials and food, we choose suppliers who operate environment-friendly with an orientation towards sustainable development.
 - We are developing a story with a wine hotel theme. The hotel, which is embedded in the Štajerska winegrowing environment linking the Slovenian and Austrian region, incorporates the local environment in its offer.
 - The hotel breakfast consists to a large extent of local dishes (meat products, cheese, bread, honey, marmalade, etc.), which are delivered exclusively by local suppliers. This is our way how to bring Štajerska culture to our guests.
 - Our wine selection encompasses most local wine producers from the bordering areas of both countries.
 - We encourage our guests to get to know the surrounding areas and local producers. The guests can purchase local produce also at the hotel reception.
 - Once a year we organise an open day dedicated to the pupils of the local Primary School and explain them how our hotel works and what our attitude to the environment is.
 - The Mond hotel is located in the heart of a winegrowing area, so we have complemented the immediate hotel surroundings with a vineyard. Our guests are the godparents of our vines.
 - We are the proud owners of a scion from the oldest vine in the world, which has also entered the Guiness World Records. This vine has been growing in Lent (Maribor) for 400 years.
 - We are looking into possibilities of cooperation with charity organizations in order to hand over unused food and offer help to people in need.

We encourage environment-friendly means of transport
 - In the hotel garage our guests can use a charging station for electric vehicles. The station is fitted for the charging of two Tesla vehicles and one universal electric vehicle contemporaneously.
 - The guests who arrive with electric vehicles are offered a 10% discount on hotel accommodation.
 - We encourage and inform the guests regarding the use of public transport (train, bus, plane) instead of private transport, which helps diminishing carbon footprint.

 - We educate our employees to act sustainably and contribute to decreasing the negative impact on the environment.